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Top Social Media Trends in 2019 Every Brands Should Adapt


Do you have any idea on the most social media marketing trends in 2019 for your brand or your business?


In this post, we’ll provide you the top social media trends this year and give you exactly the roadmap how you can adapt. Alongside this awesome article are some useful insight, tools, and worksheets you can download for free to thrive in your social game.


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During these days of the ever-changing digital landscape, we need to adapt to all new formats for sharing all our curated content. Our content is relatively as much important to how we actually convey the content itself. According to the big players in social media industry, creating Social Stories (vertical videos, disappearing after 24 hours) will be a vital part on how we can tell our brand stories in social.


Recently, more than 64% of brands have implemented Instagram Stories into their social strategy or plan to make it happen this coming year. Why so? It is because Stories are effectively surpassing feeds when people actually share things in social.


Stories are that kind of social formats wherein you create and make visual graphics, effects, and content on the fly – live in action. You make things an ordinary view or content to a whole new level of story in a way that catches people attention to delve in more of what you do. In this year, for a brand or business to adapt, you need to take the necessary shift on the following:


1. Kick off and experiment your Instagram stories.

Create and start experimenting with stories at different times in a day so you can see what works best for your audience. Make sure that you shoot your videos vertically, as it is the way people watch them across the social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, even Whatsapp.

2. Structure the Feel and Look of your Stories content

Stories are launched on social media platforms to pivot the way of how we bring content to the table. So, in all of our story-specific content, we should make it raw, live action and ‘at the moment’. Adding some interactions will also help you get engagements too. You can skip the whole ‘curation’ and beautification on this as audiences tend to like a ‘more human’ kind of content as they see from other people (you want to be creative than sales-y, right?). On top of that, you have an array of content choice to show – you can make tutorials, behind the scenes, FAQs, or anything under the sun that interests your customers.


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3. Make use of the  Stories Highlights Feature.

As a brand, of course, you probably took the time to create some content for the stories, and you wanted to make it stick to your page longer (since normal stories disappear after 24 hours), thus, these social media giants made a way for you to ‘highlight’ your best stories content. You can select and display all the Stories as long as you want on your profile, group them together and organize how you want them to be. This nice feature is great for showcasing your product or service videos, graphics of promotions, events, and all other stuff you want to be highlighted that deserves more attention.

4. Track your Stories Success.

For businesses and brands, you have the capability to a whole lot of features and one of them is to make your stories a quick way to drive traffic. There’s a feature of ‘Swipe Up’ for accounts that have 10,000 followers so the viewers can follow a link and go to their website. Simply add a UTM link to track all your Story URLs so you would understand the backend what worked and what not.

5. Get creative with your story!

Since mostly all of the people follow more than a 1000 pages on their social account, you need to get creative and start making use of attention-grabbing photos, videos, GIFs, and texts to make it engaging and effective. You can incorporate all of these elements and always be on the lookout for new features, icons, and options to make it stand out. It cannot be stiff and boring, make it nice-looking and fun!

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Ever since there were a massive social media data breach and privacy issues, brands faced a lot of obstacles as well to rebuild the trust like how social media lost trust from their platforms. It tightened a lot in 2018, and just paved the demand of people to the brands to be more human too and make them feel that they can be trusted.

So if you wanted to be smart on doing things in social, you need to focus more on generating quality engagement. You need to find ways to develop one-to-one or focused meaningful conversations to audience groups to create a community.


Here are some of the tricks that will help you adapt to this particular social media trend:

1. Build your Online Community.

There are so many ways you can build your online community for your brand or business. A few of the things are relatively doable and highly effective. The first recommendation is for you to take part in Twitter chats and create Facebook groups. You can create a branded hashtag related to your Twitter chats (if you run it), and when you incorporate in Instagram, make sure the hashtags are easy-to-remember so that it will bring your customers together on that thread. Facebook groups, on the other hand, is a space and channel for you to have so you can have people talk around and engage with one another under your brand. Superfans can be found in Facebook groups, and literally become your brand ambassadors, so you’re not only building your online brand presence, but you also built relationships talking about your brand. Isn’t it amazing?


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2. Include Influencer Outreach in your Marketing Strategy.

As you run your ad campaigns in social, make sure you pay attention to the trend – emerging world of influencer marketing. You need to consider to collaborate with a micro-influencer so that you can improve the quality of your brand reach. Since micro-influencers have niche audiences, the engagement on the posts will also be very high, which in return give your brand a positive social ROI. There are so many ways to connect with micro-influencers and one of them is through hashtag research. It will surely help you find exactly the influencer that you need.

3. Run monthly Youtube and Facebook Live Q&A sessions.

Since we’re talking about being ‘human’ as part of this year’s social media trend, you need to look for multiple ways to communicate. To keep customer’s trust, address their problems and queries, you need to communicate and touch base often. One way to do this is through ‘Going Live’ on social platforms – particularly on Youtube and Facebook. It is a very excellent strategy that is very easy to manage and budget-friendly. All you need to do is to gather content with value, announce your live session, and be willing to engage on a set schedule. Remember, on these sessions, you need to be authentic and real. That’s what makes people stick to your brand.


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This 2019, Messaging platforms will eat the world.

For you to be better in customer journey and addressing their demand, you need make use of the messaging tools that will up your game on how you to communicate socially. The messaging apps are thriving and they are essentially taking part in elevating social experiences. You can make a whole new better experience for your customers, and here’s how:

1. Enable Facebook Messenger to your Facebook Business page.

First things first – you should enable Facebook Messenger on your business page. Once that’s done, start making some settings change on your messenger options – setup an instant reply, auto-responder (during your non-working hours), adding a short greeting as they land on your page, share links to direct people to support pages you may have.


2. Add and Implement Messaging app plugins on your website.

App integrations and technology advances are so cool and they can really talk to each other. One way to enhance your social experiences through messaging is by adding plugins to your website. Normally, when people land on your website, they will scout through as much info as they can before purchasing a product, or availing a service. And when they wanted to know more about something, it’s typical that they want to reach you to send a message. So when you that messaging plugin installed on your website, they can easily tap into that and reach you instantly.


3. Setup and enable messaging bots for FAQs.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, messaging is on the roll. Bots now are an important way to scale up your social experiences. Even though they are not really a direct substitute to an in-person experience, it surely is effective for gathering info and answering queries during the early stages of your customer interaction. With the help of bots, you free up some time in message exchanges and make you focus more on what matters – helping your customers. You can get started by learning tools like Chatfuel, Manychat, and Conversable, and be sure to follow and keep in mind the do’s and don’ts of messaging bots.


4. Run campaigns that make use of messaging apps.

There’s a lot of campaign objectives you can launch for your brand and business, and one of them is to get more messages. When are launching social media campaigns, think of some ways on how you can reach customers other than showing them some graphic designs on their newsfeeds, promotions and the like. One way to elevate your social experiences is through incorporating messaging apps on your ads. Basically, the aim of the ad is for your customers to click and hit the ‘Send Message’ button and talk to you directly to know more of what you offer. It’s not only that you improved the way you reach out to your customers, you’re also pulling them in to experience a one-to-one approach to attend to their needs. It could be very overwhelming to get many messaging responses especially if your ad is a huge promotion, so make sure you’re backed up with some automation and have a dedicated community manager to handle queries and some follow up.


Want to adapt to these emerging social media trends this year? Get the below FREE WORKSHEET GUIDE so you can up your game in social media marketing and thrive in the year ahead in social media.


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